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Bulk Items - Bundles

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Lungies - Taibun

We are the largest distributors of Lungies in different variety and cloth

  • Cotton
  • Ployester
  • Micro
  • Silk
Namaz Caps

Different varieties of Caps to wear when offering Namaz (Sal'ah)


Large variety of ready made curtains.

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₹ 150.00
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This Daster Quan is made of Cotton cloth, easy to clean and good absorber of water and any liquid item if fell on it. It consists of 12 plates. On this nearly 12-15 members can be served food. Dark Red colour with thick cotton cloth. Gives life of at least 2 years.

₹ 400.00
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Beautiful prints that gives soothing sense to use when sleeping. Very soft in nature and imported from largest manufacturing unit from China. Very well design and light weighted. Easy to carry and use.

₹ 1,200.00
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Bundle of 10 cotton lungies, the bundle consists of different colour and checks of lungies. This product is also called Taibun. The size of the lungi is two meters that can be easy and comfortable to wear for any size of waist. You can easily depart this bundle as for poor people to fulfill your Zaka'at budget.

₹ 350.00
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Java Saroon is a lungi that is widely used across Deccan state now called Hyderabad. This lungi is a pride of hyderabadis and widely used in Middle east. Very soft in nature, heavy and very elegant to wear. One should feel good when wear it.

₹ 230.00
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Beautifully laced ready made curtains for your home that designed by interior designers to make your home more elegant and superb. More than 6ft in height and 4ft of breadth that gives full screening to your dream home.

₹ 400.00
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Beautiful prints that gives soothing sense to use when sleeping. Very soft in nature and imported from largest manufacturing unit from China. Very well design and light weighted. Easy to carry and use.

₹ 380.00
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Soft in nature, size 2 meters, very elegant to wear. This also made up of soft wool that gives sense of silk cloth and gives shinning to the cloth. Heavy in weight and can be used for longer time period

₹ 350.00
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Beautiful ready-made curtains for your home, that gives elegant sense when you let them fall on your doors. Very impressive when guests arrives home. 6.5 foot long and 4 foot in width gives total cover to your door. Very well stitched with beautifully laced on top for elegant look.

₹ 275.00
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We are the largest sellers in the market since 30 years. Very elegant designs that brightness to your bedroom with the design and patter. Pure cotton bedsheet right from Jaipur - Pink city of India. It has two attached pillow covers and wider in size that covers largest bedsize. 6 foot in width and 7 foot in length that covers the bed from both sides.

₹ 695.00
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Offering Wedding bundle Double-bed Bedsheet Polyester Dastarkhwan Cotton carpet Turkey Towel medium size

₹ 275.00
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Thin Velvet cloth Bedsheet for double bed, beautiful design with softness in it. Two stitched pillow covers with delighted designs.

₹ 420.00
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Soft and elegant brown coloured carpet for drawing, living and bedroom. 5 foot in breadth and 7 foot in length. Very good looking and attractive to floor in your dream home. Stitched in diamond design for different eye popping pattern.

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